When Is It Time To Repaint My House?

From time to time, your house will require a new paint job done. It is good to ensure that you know the warning signs on when to paint your house as this will help save the image of your home. Below are some of the most common indicators that your house needs a new coat of paint:

Paint Becomes Dull

With time, paint applied on a surface will start becoming pale. This is especially the case of surfaces that are usually exposed to direct sunlight or moisture. This fading is usually an indication that you need to start repainting the surface. If left unattended, the paint will start peeling off. When this happens, you will have no option other than scrapping it off reapplying it afresh. This is usually tedious, time involving, not to mention costly.

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Paint Peeling Off

After some time, old paint will start peeling off the surface and falling to the ground. This is the first and the clearest indication that your house needs some fresh paint.

Depending on the kind of surface that it is and the kind of paint that was used, this might happen in about two years after the first application. If left unattended, the exposed area will act as an entry point for moisture. This will lead to the rotting of the wood. When the wood rots, you might be forced to replace it. This will cost you way more money than it would have cost to by one can of paint. On metallic surfaces, they start rusting and this is also equally destructive.

Growth of Mold and Mildew

One of the importance of paint on a surface is that it prevents the growth of mildew and mold, especially on wooden surfaces. This is quite destructive as it feeds on the wooden surface where it attaches itself, destroying the wood.

Once the paint starts peeling off, it becomes susceptible to mold and mildew attack thus destroying its quality. Within a short time, the wooden surface will be destroyed by the two fungi. It is, therefore, important to take the necessary measures to remove the mildew once you spot its presence. One of the best ways to do this is by painting the surface of the wood.

Attack by Termites and Moths

Other than beauty, the other reason why wooden surfaces are painted is to prevent attack by termites and specific species of moths. These two are some of the most destructive insects found. They are responsible for wasting resources to a tune of several billion dollars every year. Failure to prepaint your wooden surface will be exposing your wooden structure to these dangers.

You should never ignore any of the above warning signs as far as your paint jobs are involved. It is good to take note of the early warning signs to salvage the situation before it gets out of hand. Other than the losses incurred, it is always good to keep your painted structures fresh as it is always inviting to the eye and beautiful to gaze at.